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Welcome to Furry Treasures Rabbitry! We are located in Michigan. 

Welcome to our website. Furry Treasures Rabbitry is a breeder of Grand Champion Jersey Wooly and Mini Rex rabbits. We are a small family owned and operated rabbitry since 2008. We belong to the following organizations: The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), Michigan State Rabbit Breeders Association (MSRBA), National Jersey Wooly Rabbit Club (NJWRC),  National Mini Rex Rabbit Club (NMRRC) and Michigan State Mini Rex Rabbit Club (MSMRRC).  We are Leaders and Teen leaders of the St. Clair County 4H Youth Program. We are striving to achieve a well balanced line of Jersey Wooly and
Mini Rex rabbits. 







2013 Rabbit Tutor Brochure
Here is the link for their NEW Calculating Sweepstakes Points Brochure with
Nicole and Logan
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2014 Jersey Wooly Nationals          2014 National Mini Rex
Best of Breed Furry Treasures "Wrecking Ball" BOSV Furry Treasures "True Blue"





2013 National Mini Rex      2013 Jersey Wooly Nationals

          BOV Castor                                 Best Display

Furry Treasures "Big Time" Jr Doe  9 rabbits placed in the top 2 out of 14 shown

            2013 JWN BOSG Agouti                            2013 JWN BOG Broken                               2013 JWN BOSG Tan








2011-2012 National Jersey Wooly Sweeps

#1 Youth Breeder Nationally

#1 in District 8

#1 in Herdsman

#1 Award of Excellence

#1 and #2 Rabbit of the Year







2012 MSRBA Sweeps
#1 in Quality Youth Breeder
#1 Jersey Wooly & #1 Mini Rex Youth Breeder

#2 Youth Breeder Overall



#1 Jersey Wooly & #1 Mini Rex Youth Breeder

 in Michigan for 2011
 #1 Youth Breeder in Michigan Overall for 2011
#2 Jersey Wooly Youth Breeder Nationally
for 2010-2011:)



Homebred "Best in Show" wins to current



Furry Treasures "TKO"
BEST IN SHOW 11/23/13

Furry Treasures "TKO"
BEST IN SHOW 11/9/13

Furry Treasures
 "Wrecking Ball"

Furry Treasures "Big Time"

Furry Treasures "Hot Tamale"
Best of the Breast 6/1/13

Furry Treasures "Dynamite
BEST IN SHOW Group 4 3/23/13

Furry Treasures
"Show Stopper"
BEST IN SHOW 3/23/13

Furry Treasures "Josie"

Furry Treasures "Diamond"
BEST IN SHOW 6/24/12

Furry Treasures "Diamond"
BEST IN SHOW 6/24/12

Furry Treasures Izzie"
BEST IN SHOW 6/16/12

Furry Treasures "Diamond"

Furry Treasures"LuckyCharm"
BEST IN SHOW 4/14/12

Furry Treasures "Izzie"
BEST IN SHOW 9/17/11



Mini Rex Nationals 2010
Best Oppossite Sex Variety
 for his Castor Sr Doe Furry Treasures"Pebbles"



 2010-2011 NJWRC Sweeps-Youth Overall 2nd
Award of Excellence 3rd
Herdsman 4th
10th Rabbit of the year-she went on to win BOS at
the 2011 ARBA Convention



 at The Michigan State Fair 8/28/2009 
 Logan and "Izzy" Mini Rex Castor Senior Doe




                                                        Iain won BOS with "Zeus" &     
  Logan & "Pebbles"
                             Nicole won BOB with "Dot" on 5/29/10  at Mini Rex Nationals



Having a GREAT TIME at the MI State Fair
with our friends, Iain, Hannah, Nicole, Logan
and Madaleine from Thistledown Farm Rabbitry.
Congrats on their wins at the Armada Fair
where they won BOB and BOS with their
Jersey Woolies. Plus each child placed
in the top 2 for showmanship. Hannah received
Reserve in showmanship, and to top it all off...
that was their first year showing rabbits


Please check out our "For Sale" page where we have Jersey Wooly Rabbits For Sale
and Mini Rex Rabbits For Sale:)! 

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